On the results of monitoring the baths of the Dyatlovo district

In pursuance of the assignment of the first deputy chairman of the Grodno Oblast Executive Committee Zhuk IA and the Grodno Regional State Health and Safety Center of 14.02.2018 specialists of the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology carried out monitoring of the sanitary and technical condition of the baths of the district for compliance with the requirements of legislation in the field of sanitary and epidemiological well-being.
In the territory of the Dyatlovo district there are 13 public baths. On the balance of the Dyatlovo RUP housing and communal services there are 4 baths (Dyatlovo, g. Novoelnya, Kozlovschina, ar.Dvorets). In the department of the CSUE “VENZOVETS” (AG VENZOVETS), CSUE “Rus-Agro” (Ag. Raklevichi), CSUE “Voinevichi” (Vojnevechi), CSUE “Zhukovshchina” (Ag. Zhukovshchina), CSUE Khvinevichy Khvinievichi, Ruda Yavorskaya village), KSPUE Belogurno (Agri.Bolgurno), Granit-Agro (Krutilovichi), OJSC Dyatlovo Agricultural Machinery (village Mirovschina), there are 9 rural baths.
Of the 13 baths, there are 10. There are no three baths operating, namely: Mirovschina, OJSC “Dyatlovo agricultural machinery”, ag. Raklevichi CSUE “Rus-Agro”, ag. Belugurno CSUE “Belogurno”.
Bathhouses a. Raklevichi CSUE “Rus-Agro” and village Mirovshchina JSC “Dyatlovo agricultural machinery” do not work for a long time (about 10 years). To resume the work of the baths, it is necessary to completely restore the engineering and technical communications (heating, water supply and sewage systems, artificial lighting systems of the premises), repair work on the decoration of the premises.
Since 2015, the bath does not work in ag. Belugurno CSUE “Belogurno” in connection with the power outage (information letter from 08.11.2017 № 284).
The regular work of the bath is not provided. Voinevichi CSUE “Voinevichi”. The bathhouse has been closed for the winter period since autumn of 2017, the resumption of work is planned for spring – field work.
During the monitoring it was established that the sanitary condition of the working baths is satisfactory. The current repairs of the premises were carried out, the baths were provided with cleaning equipment, and were equipped with first aid kits with universal ones. At the same time, not all baths are provided with disinfectants (Khvinevichi CSUE “Khvinevichi”, Ag. Zhukovshina CSUE “Zhukovshchina”). The adjacent territory was not kept clean and cosmetic repairs of the premises of the baths are required. Venzovets CSUE “Venzovets”.
Based on the results of the monitoring, the heads of enterprises were given 3 recommendations for the elimination of the violations identified.
Information with proposals to improve the provision of public services to the population of the district was sent to the Dyatlovo district executive committee and the Dyatlovsky district council of deputies.

On the passage of medical examinations by organizations of the Dyatlovo district

Medical examinations are a form of medical and preventive care and are conducted solely to determine the health of the population, to identify existing diseases in order to prescribe correct and timely treatment.
Types of medical examinations: preliminary (upon admission to employment), periodic (during work), extraordinary (if the worker’s health deteriorates). Based on the results of the medical examination, a medical certificate is issued on the state of health indicating the eligibility for work in this position (profession) under the conditions of the influence of the factors of the production environment, the severity indicators and the intensity of the labor process.

UZ “Dyatlovskaya CRH” compiled a schedule of medical examinations, working in harmful working conditions of business entities according to the submitted lists of professions subject to medical examination in 2018, business entities are familiar with the schedule of mandatory medical examinations. The medical examination of workers working in harmful conditions is carried out in accordance with the Resolution of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation No. 47
from 28.04.2010 “On approval of the instruction on the procedure for conducting mandatory medical examinations of workers with hazardous working conditions”.

Table 1. – Data on the passage of compulsory medical examinations of workers for the 1st quarter of 2018.

Q1 2018
MIP applied, people. 468
Gone are MIP, people. % 428 (91,5%)
Did not pass, people 40

Convincing request, leaders! Ensure the timely passage of medical examinations by employees of your organizations, in order to create proper working conditions for workers.
It is better to prevent the disease than to treat it!