HELLO. Prevention of rabies

Hour of Health “HLS. Prevention of rabies “was conducted on the basis of the Dvoretskaya secondary school. Valeologist of the center of hygiene and epidemiology told the children the main components of a healthy lifestyle. Assistant doctor – epidemiologist told the guys about the aggravated situation in the area on the incidence of rabies in the area. Further, the specialists of the center demonstrated a slide on the prevention of rabies among the population. In conclusion, the participants of the event were assigned “5” rules of behavior with animals.

As a way of life affects our health, the valeologist of the center together with the pupils of grades 5-11 of the State Educational Institution “The Rogotnovsky Children’s – Garden Basic School” tried to answer together. 04/18/2018 Health Hour “Everything you need to know to be healthy” is held. A special role was given to the issue of rabies prevention. Assistant doctor – epidemiologist guys brought to the attention of the way of transmission of the rabies virus. The children were shown a video on rabies prevention.

In conclusion, the “5” rules of behavior with animals were also fixed with the children.