Laboratory department

Employees of the department:

Feldsher-laboratory assistant – Gorbun Ludmila Vladimirovna

Feldsher-laboratory assistant – Patzynovich Oksana Vladimirovna

The main goals and tasks of the department are:

Laboratory provision of state sanitary supervision in order to obtain reliable and objective data on compliance with sanitary and hygienic norms and rules, hygienic standards at surveillance sites; conduct laboratory tests to ensure the sanitary and epidemic well-being of the population, protection against infectious and parasitic diseases, nosocomial infections and for the Client under contracts and single appeals;
Laboratory control over the organization and conduct of sanitary and hygienic measures aimed at preventing occupational diseases and reducing the level of impact on personnel and population of physical factors. The microbiological laboratory renders paid services to the population.

Research conducted in the department:

Microbiological studies:

1. Food products and food raw materials:
-Meat of poultry, offal and semifinished products of poultry
-Food products from fish and marine invertebrates
-Milk and dairy products
-Products of children’s, medical and dietary nutrition and their components
-Dairy products for baby food
– Sausage and meat products
-Bread and bakery products
-Gate confectionery products with cream
-Vegetables fruits
2. Drinking water
-Botted water
-Distilled water
-Drinking water
3. Cosmetic products.
4. Flushing of LPO, household items
5. Medicinal products
– Medicines for injection, eye drops, ointments, films, other medicines.
– Medicines (tablets, capsules, granules, ointments, syrups, etc.)
-Surgical material for sterility / washings from the hands after treatment of the operating field, suture material, syringes, needles, sterile solutions, sterile gloves, newborn set, maternity and midwifery kits, surgical and obstetrical instruments, dressings.
-Disinfecting and antiseptic solutions
6. LPO air
7. Soil
8. Water from open reservoirs, storm water and domestic water
-Liquid water
-Water for swimming pools
-The water of open reservoirs
9. Biological materials (blood, urine, feces, etc.)
-Clinical material
-Sectional material
-Jelch and duodenal contents
– Cerebrospinal fluid
-Glucose and human milk
Separated from infected wounds, eyes, ears, genitals
-Mask from the mouth and nose. Scraping from perianal folds
10. Nutrient media