About the trade union committee


In the primary trade union organization of the state institution “Dyatlovo District Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology” of the Belarusian Professional Union of Health Workers, 32 members of the trade union. Organizes and coordinates the work of the trade union committee in the number of 5 people. The trade union committee has been heading since 2011 – Rudik Lyudmila Vaclavovna – assistant doctor-hygenist.

About the trade-union committee.
The primary trade union organization of employees of the state institution “Dyatlovo district of the CGE” is the organizational structure of the Belarusian Professional Union of Health Workers.

The trade union carries out its activities in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, Presidential Decree No. 2 of January 26, 1999, “On Certain Measures to Streamline the Activities of Political Parties, Trade Unions, Other Public Associations,” and the Law of the Republic of Belarus of April 22, 1992 ” On trade unions “in the wording of the Law of the Republic of Belarus of January 14, 2000, other legislative acts, as well as the Charter of the Belarusian Trade Union of Health Workers tion adopted by the IV Congress of the Belarusian Health Workers’ Union 02.06.2005.

Between the state institution “Dyatlovo District CGE” and the Primary Trade Union Organization of the Center a collective agreement was concluded. In addition to measures to ensure the stable operation of the center, it provides for mutual obligations of the parties to solve a large list of issues that regulate issues of labor remuneration, labor relations, labor protection, employment security and social guarantees.

The trade union committee is accountable to the trade union assembly, is under the control of higher trade union bodies, presents statistical and financial reports and other information about its activities.

Meetings of the trade union committee are held as necessary, at least one meeting a month. Funds are formed from trade union contributions. Expenditure of financial resources is carried out according to the estimate approved by the trade union committee. The trade union of employees has the opportunity to provide a variety of material assistance to its members, as stipulated in the collective agreement.

Issues of working conditions, recreation, provision of benefits and guarantees to employees of the center are regulated by the collective agreement registered in the administration of the Dyatlovo district executive committee on December 15, 2017 No. 68, which allows expanding the scope of the current labor legislation, improving the working and living conditions of workers, and providing them with material assistance.

As part of the social partnership, the trade union committee, together with the administration, is working to raise the salaries of employees, through the targeted use of funds to establish incentive bonuses, the payment of bonuses and material assistance.

The trade union committee carries out public control over observance of the legislation on labor protection, protection of labor and socioeconomic rights and legitimate interests of trade union members, monitors the contract form of hiring, provides methodological assistance to members of the trade union in resolving questions of granting rights and guarantees to employees.

Together with the administration, activities are carried out aimed at patriotic education of employees. Every year we take part in rallies dedicated to the holidays of May 1, May 9, the Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus; congratulations to veterans of labor and the Great Patriotic War, etc.

The trade union committee organizes visits to theaters and concerts with partial compensation of the cost of tickets for the members of the trade union, excursions are organized along the cultural and historical sites of the Republic of Belarus,

Contact Information:
Rudik Lyudmila Vaclavovna – chairman of the trade union committee.

Phone: 21-6-14