Helpful information

Employees who wish to improve their health at the sanatorium provide a certificate of need for sanatorium treatment (the period of validity of the certificate is 6 months) and write an application to the trade union committee one month before the beginning of the quarter, in which you want to improve.

For example: you want to become healthier in May, this month refers to the 2nd quarter, accordingly, a certificate with a statement is sent in late February – early March.

Dear staff members of the trade union! The trade union committee of employees reminds you that you can get financial assistance on the following items:

 1 death of a close relative and native members of the trade union (spouse, wife, mother, father, daughter, son, siblings) in the amount of three basic units;
2 long-term incapacity for work (over 1 month) in the amount of two basic values;
3 purchase of a voucher for sanitation and sanatorium treatment of employees, as well as their children in the amount of one basic value;
 4 Material assistance can be provided in other cases, which entailed unforeseen material difficulties, not provided for in the above items by the decision of the trade union committee and recognized by the trade union committee as reasonable in the amount of up to five basic units.

All types of material assistance, with the exception of clause 1, are provided to union employees once a calendar year.

To receive financial assistance, the employee provides:

  1. a statement on the provision of material assistance to the chairman of the trade union committee;
  2. copies of supporting documents.


1. Material assistance is provided in accordance with the submitted application and copies of relevant documents are attached.
2. Material aid is paid in the trade union committee. It is necessary to have a passport with you.


The minimum consumer budget (BCH) is a social standard established to assess the level and quality of life in Belarus. BCH is the minimum cost required to purchase a set of consumer goods and services.

As of May 1, 2017:

  • able-bodied population – 396 Belarusian rubles 75 kopecks;
  • pensioners – 311 Belarusian rubles 69 kopecks;
  • students – 295 Belarusian rubles 62 kopecks;
  • children under the age of three years – 251 Belarusian rubles 16 kopecks;
  • children aged from three to six years – 325 Belarusian rubles 3 kopecks;
  • children aged from six to eighteen years – 337 Belarusian rubles 5 kopecks;
  • a family of four people – 309 Belarusian rubles 7 kopecks;
  • a young family of three people – 335 Belarusian rubles 28 kopecks.

Tariff rate of the first digit is the starting point from which the wage size of each digit is calculated.

Since September 1, 2017, the first-class tariff rate in Belarus is 33.00 rubles.

The minimum wage is the lower limit of the employee’s remuneration.

From January 1, 2018, the minimum wage in Belarus will be 305.00 rubles.

Since November 1, 2017, the subsistence minimum budget per capita on average is 197.81 rubles.

Since January 1, 2018, the basic value in Belarus is 24.50 rubles.